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Spanish Slang from Colombia!

Colombia is one of the largest and most influential Spanish speaking countries and has a long standing history of sophisticated culture and language. Some say that the cleanest and most pure Spanish originates from Colombia. But there is also a lot of Spanish slang from Colombia that is worth looking at as it comes up again and again in the lingo of the people in everyday life.


1)  Spanish Slang: abrirse

     English: (to split up) to leave


2) Spanish Slang: aporrear

    English: to accidentally fall


3)  Spanish Slang: arepera

     English: lesbian


4) Spanish Slang: arrecho

    English: Horny


5)  Spanish Slang: bacán, bacano, bacana

     English: Someone or something cool, kind, friendly


6) Spanish Slang: barra (bar)

    English: One thousand Colombian pesos


7)  Spanish Slang: berraco, berraca

     English: this is the Colombian slang par excellence, it is embraced by all regardless of social status and interestingly understood and used in every region of the country) Es un/a berraco/a (Someone hardcore,awesome, worthy of admiration, the "man") "eres una berraca"


8) Spanish Slang:caliente

    English: dangerous


9)  Spanish Slang: camello

     English: job


10) Spanish Slang: caspa/calilla

    English: a badly-behaved person


11)  Spanish Slang: catorce

     English: a favor


12) Spanish Slang: cojo

    English: Something weak or lack of sense


13) Spanish Slang: corroncho

    English: Something really tacky or ordinary, derogatory of people from the Caribbean area of Colombia.


14)  Spanish Slang: chévere

     English: cool


15) Spanish Slang: chicharrón

    English: A problem, something to deal with


16) Spanish Slang: chino

    English: child


17)  Spanish Slang: chutear

     English: to kick


18) Spanish Slang: embarrar

    English: To mess with, to get in trouble.


19) Spanish Slang: entucar

    English: to make out


20) Spanish Slang: filo

    English: Hunger


21) Spanish Slang: fresco

    English: "Be cool!"



Why Colombian Slang?

Some say that the best, cleanest Spanish is spoken in Colombia. I would not want to start a discussion about that, but it is certainly one of the great Spanish speaking countries that has and will always influence the Spanish language. So it is absolutely a pleasure for anyone learning or speaking Spanish to also learn some Colombian slang.


About Spanish Slang:

There are more than 350 million people on this planet that speak Spanish as their first language. Every day, every where, the language of the streets evolves and new Spanish slang is born. This websites is a great Spanish slang collection that aims to gather all the slang from all the countries in the Spanish speaking world.

The language can be very different from one place to the other. As an example, in Spain you will often here the 'slang' word "tio" to mean 'dude'. However, in Mexico you would seldom hear tio in this context. You would rather hear 'guei'.
You see, learning Spanish comes in many different stages, and right from the start it is important to learn the formal language as well as the slang, or the language 'as spoken by the people'.

You need to be aware of the fact, that Spanish slang is often so commonly used that you can hardly call it slang anymore. This doesn't mean however, that you can ignore the rules of formal language when speaking Spanish. Please thrive to be kind and educated at all times.

This site is an attempt to collect all the Spanish slang in the world and make it easy to trace, look-up and learn it via this website.

Feel free to contribute to the collection as it should be ever expanding.

Happy Spanish learning!

Saludos, the Spanish-Slang Team


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Useful Links:

If there is one source on the Internet that you can trust will always have useful entries for whatever you are looking for, then it is the great collection of Wikipedia. Check out their page about the Spanish spoken in Colombia, also features some slang:

For listed words belonging to the slang category you can go to Language Realm. They have a dictionary-like list from A to Z that contains some slang (watch out, not all of it is actual slang):

At WikiBooks, there is a section that features slang from different places, but it is not as complete as could be. Nevertheless, a good overview for those who are not looking for huge lists, but just a short selection:

The urban dictionary is a must for all slang and street language lovers. The words listed here are definitely mostly only for audiences 18+, but you can find some amusing words and phrases, that's for sure:

At Wikilatino, they seem to be working on several fronts and one of them is a short, yet useful, list of Spanish slang. Maybe there is something there for you:


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Definition of "Slang":

slang –noun
1. very informal usage in vocabulary and idiom that is characteristically more metaphorical, playful, elliptical, vivid, and ephemeral than ordinary language, as Hit the road.
2. (in English and some other languages) speech and writing characterized by the use of vulgar and socially taboo vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.
3. the jargon of a particular class, profession, etc.
4. the special vocabulary of thieves, vagabonds, etc.; argot.


Quick facts about Colombia:

Capital: Bogotá

Official language: Spanish
Recognized regional languages: The languages and dialects of ethnic groups are also official in their territories.

Population: August 2010 estimate 45,586,233

Calling code: +57

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