Lazy in Spanish Slang

How to say “lazy” in Spanish Slang!

In all Spanish speaking countries there is at least one colloquial way of saying lazy… because let’s be honest: everybody likes to be lazy at one point or another. It is one of those nice things in live to be able to laze around some day. :)

In Ecuador you would say:

Caimán—Lazy person
Calzonazo—Lazy man

or you could also use: Pipón—Lazy person

In Spain you can say you are “floja / flojo” – lazy

or  “un huevón / una huevona” – lazy person / layabout (derogatory)

In Puerto rico you might say “Bambalan” – Lazy Bum

On the other hand, in Argentina they have q very nice, but rude, expression: “rascarse [ps-ref v] [rude] lit. to scratch oneself; to do nothing useful, to be lazy, to lie around wasting time.”

I hope this helps for the start about how to say lazy in Spanish slang! Cheers, Chris


  1. Jared Romey

    Flojo/a is also used in Chile. Huevon may also be used with friends as something like “dude” or “man.”