Peruvian Slang

Peruvian Slang – the slang from Peru!

This is a list of Spanish slang from Peru that will definitely come in handy as you travel through the wonderful country of Peru. Many of the peruvian slang words and phrases from Peru also come from the native ‘Indian’ languages that are spoken in the region. Not al of them can truly be classified as Spanish. :-) Have fun!

1)  Peruvian Slang: a la tela

     English: elegant dress or formal wear

2) Peruvian Slang: achorado

    English: an individual with a defiant character.

3)  Peruvian Slang: al polo

     English: very cold (in particular to drinks)

4) Peruvian Slang: altiplano

    English: The high flatlands which surround Lake Titicaca.

5)  Peruvian Slang: b

     English: hungry

6) Peruvian Slang: arranchar

    English: to enrapture

7)  Peruvian Slang: arruga

     English: debt

8) Spanish Slang: auqui

    English:  The heir to the Inca throne.

9)  Spanish Slang: bamba

     English: a fake or imitation

10) Spanish Slang: blanquita

    English: cocaine

11)  Spanish Slang: botánica

     English: bottle

12) Spanish Slang: cabro/cabrilla

    English: a male with feminine characteristics

13) Spanish Slang: cachar

    English: to have sexual relations.

14) Spanish Slang: cachuelo

    English: a temporary job.

15) Spanish Slang: cajón

    English: A box made of wood which uses a sound hole and is used in music of Afro-Peruvian origins.

16) Spanish Slang: calabacita

    English: cabeza vacía, persona vacua

17) Spanish Slang: campesino

    English: Peasant

18) Spanish Slang: cáncer

    English: cigarette or tobacco product

19) Spanish Slang: caña

    English: automobile

20) Spanish Slang: cañacero

    English: A drunk who consumes inexpensive liquor.

21) Spanish Slang: carabina

    English: face

22) Spanish Slang: causa

    English: the term for friend which is used between men

23) Spanish Slang: cholo

    English: Referring to a person who is mestizo.

24) Spanish Slang: coca cola

    English: crazy

25) Spanish Slang: cocho/a

    English: father/mother

26) Spanish Slang: cofla

    English: thin/skinny

27) Spanish Slang: coima

    English: comisión que se da para obtener algo en forma illegal – bribe.

28) Spanish Slang: coimero.

    English: a person who receives a bribe

29) Spanish Slang: corredgidor

    English: This was the crown envoy during colonial times who was the administrator of Indian labor.

30) Spanish Slang: cojudo

    English:  a strong insult

31) Spanish Slang: como cancha.

    English: a lot

32) Spanish Slang: corvina

    English: tie

33) Spanish Slang: costilla

    English: girlfriend

34) Spanish Slang: criollada

    English: deceit, fraud, trick

35) Spanish Slang: chaira.

    English: knife, dagger

36) Spanish Slang: chancay.

    English: to have sex

37) Spanish Slang: chancar

    English: study

38) Spanish Slang: chancón.

    English: a studious person

39) Spanish Slang: chancha

    English: charity, cooperation

40) Spanish Slang: chancho

    English: belch , rear end, butt.



About Spanish Slang:

There are more than 350 million people on this planet that speak Spanish as their first language. Every day, every where, the language of the streets evolves and new Spanish slang is born. This websites is a great Spanish slang collection that aims to gather all the slang from all the countries in the Spanish speaking world.

The language can be very different from one place to the other. As an example, in Spain you will often here the ‘slang’ word “tio” to mean ‘dude’. However, in Mexico you would seldom hear tio in this context. You would rather hear ‘guei’.
You see, learning Spanish comes in many different stages, and right from the start it is important to learn the formal language as well as the slang, or the language ‘as spoken by the people’.

You need to be aware of the fact, that Spanish slang is often so commonly used that you can hardly call it slang anymore. This doesn’t mean however, that you can ignore the rules of formal language when speaking Spanish. Please thrive to be kind and educated at all times.

This site is an attempt to collect all the Spanish slang in the world and make it easy to trace, look-up and learn it via this website.

Feel free to contribute to the collection as it should be ever expanding.

Happy Spanish learning!

Saludos, the Spanish-Slang Team

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