Puerto Rican Slang

Puerto Rican Slang – the slang from Puerto Rico

My list is not ready yet, so I refer you to some wiki pages where you can also learn some (but unfortunately not all) Puerto Rican Slang:



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  1. Jared Romey

    Not sure if you are okay with this Chris, so just delete the comment if not, but I have written two books on Puerto Rican slang: Speaking Boricua and Speaking Phrases Boricua. The first was a bestseller in Puerto Rico, until most of the bookstores disappeared!!

    Speaking Boricua is a collection of over 1500 words and phrases used in Puerto Rico, while the second book, Speaking Phrases Boricua is a collection of several hundred proverbs and sayings that Puerto Ricans use regularly.

    Both are available on my website or at Amazon.



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