Spanish Slang Words

Spanish Slang Words

When learning Spanish you should make sure that you learn those all-essential Spanish Slang words for every reagion that you want to access. That’s because every reagion has some special, unique slang words that you will not understand if you are not from there.

Check out these pages for specific slang words:

Peruvian Slang, Mexican Slang, Argentine Slang, Colombian Slang, Puerto Rican Slang, Dominican Slang, Chilenismos.


About Spanish Slang:

There are more than 350 million people on this planet that speak Spanish as their first language. Every day, every where, the language of the streets evolves and new Spanish slang is born. This websites is a great Spanish slang collection that aims to gather all the slang from all the countries in the Spanish speaking world.

The language can be very different from one place to the other. As an example, in Spain you will often here the ‘slang’ word “tio” to mean ‘dude’. However, in Mexico you would seldom hear tio in this context. You would rather hear ‘guei’.
You see, learning Spanish comes in many different stages, and right from the start it is important to learn the formal language as well as the slang, or the language ‘as spoken by the people’.

You need to be aware of the fact, that Spanish slang is often so commonly used that you can hardly call it slang anymore. This doesn’t mean however, that you can ignore the rules of formal language when speaking Spanish. Please thrive to be kind and educated at all times.

This site is an attempt to collect all the Spanish slang in the world and make it easy to trace, look-up and learn it via this website.

Feel free to contribute to the collection as it should be ever expanding.

Happy Spanish learning!

Saludos, the Spanish-Slang Team

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  1. Slangonero

    This is a great site! Thanks you for all the spanish slang words! it has helped me with my essay for school. Greetz, “Slangonero” :D

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