Variation in Spanish Slang

You would be surprised at the variation in Spanish slang among Spanish-speaking countries. The word, “guagua,” for example, means “baby” in Chile and “bus” in Cuba! A traffic jam is called “una cola” in Peruaner slang; in Chile it is called “un taco;” in Panama it is called “tranque;” and in Puerto Rico it is called “un tap’n.”

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Here are some more Spanish Slang phrases:

a (la) merced de
idiom. at the mercy of. (n.b.: the “la” is often omitted)
a altas horas de la madrugada
idiom. in the small hours of the morning
a cargo de
idiom. in charge of; responsible for; by
a causa de
idiom. because of; as a result of. (lit.: at the cause of)
a chorros
idiom. in abundance; plenty; lots
a contrapelo
idiom. wrong way; backwards; backassed
a corto plazo
idiom. in the short run; short-term; in the short term. (lit.: at short place)

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